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Stilt Walkers of Namur

Stilt walkers’ joust. Since 1411.

Stilt walkers fighting for more than 600 years

Since 1411, two stilt walkers’ teams of Namur (Belgium) have confronted one another relentlessly. On the one side, the ‘Mélans’ from the old city with their yellow and black stilts. On the other, the ‘Avresses’ coming from beyond the walls on their red and white stilts.

Their spectacular fights have pleased Emperors and Kings. Charles the Fifth, Louis XIV, Peter the Great from Russia, Napoleon… all of them attended a stilt walkers’ fight given by the Stilt walkers of Namur.

Nowadays,the two teams still fight on stilts and take part in a lot of events and processions in Namur, in Belgium and in the entire world.

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  • The Fight for the Golden Stilt takes place on the third Sunday of September at the ‘Place Saint Aubain’ in front of 6000 spectators. This fight, the most prestigious of all, allows to designate the best stilt fighter of the year.
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  • The stilt model from Namur hasn’t changed for some centuries. Thanks to their metal roll bar holding the foot, they are particularly adapted for stilt fights. More about our stilts.

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